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The name says it all: The genres are as mulifarious as the composition of the orchestra.

Late Renaissance

Transcriptions of English madrigals, Instrumental music from Venetian and Dutch sources (Canzones and dance movements)


Concerted music by Pezel and Purcell, Orchestral music by Telemann and Händel, Piano and organ music by J. S. Bach in transcription

Early and Viennese  classical period

Wind divertimenti by J. Chr. Bach and Haydn, Piano music by C. Ph. E. Bach and Mozart in transcription

19th and early 20th century: Romanticism and “Nationale Schulen”

Orchestral works by Mendelssohn, Bizet, Brahms, Holst, Sibelius, Piano works by Schubert, Smetana, Albéniz, Organ works by Mendelssohn, Boellmann, Choral compositions by Hauptmann, Spohr, Verdi, all in transcription for saxophone orchestra with five voices

20th and 21st century: „classic“

In transcription: Satie, Bartók, Hindemith, Martinů, Schostakowitsch, H. Schroeder, Compositions for saxophone orchestra by A. Loritz

20th and 21st century: Jazz, Rock, Pop, Evergreens

Popular pieces by Joplin, Miller, Gershwin, … Evergreens from the roaring twenties  and the flower-power period, Lovesongs by the Beatles, Musical-Hits, Tangos, Rock’n’Rolls Jazz-compositions by L. Niehaus, E. Herzog, V. Hude, M. Schütz

Church music

Choral preludes, accompanying movements, especially for advent and Yuletide

The vast majority of  pieces of music VARIOSAX performs is arranged by Albert Loritz (manuscript).